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We are delighted to welcome you to our upcoming annual congress.

ASPCR 2018 will be held in collaboration with the Sri Lanka College of Dermatologists in the beautiful city of Colombo this August. 

Dr Prasad Kumarasinghe and his team has put up an excellent scientific programme: Colours of Health & Disease.

Join us for an interactive congress that features not only basic pigment cell biology but its relevance in clinical medicine, tropical medicine and dermatology.  

Travel grants will be awarded to 10 members (junior investigators/ resident trainees) on a competitive basis. Submit your abstracts early!

See you there! For further details please check out the following sites and like us on Facebook!

aspcr 2018


The International Pigment Cell Conference (IPCC), 2014 

The IPCC, 2014 saw the highest participation rate (825 delegates) in the history of IFPCS. We thank Dr Goh Boon Kee & his team in Singapore for making this event a great success!

A truly international delegation comprising expert and key opinion leaders, young dermatologists, researchers, dermatology residents and industry leaders enjoyed a truly international city.

The Shangri-la hotel, Singapore was a fitting venue for a meeting of this caliber. Keynote lectures, poster presentations and social and networking events were enjoyed by all.

To relive the memories, you may view the images





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The  ASPCR 2013 Conference was  held  in collaboration with  the Australasian  Society for Dermatology Research  from 17-19  of May in 2013. Associate Prof Prasad Kumarasighe  and Dr Pritinder kaur  were  the  Co-Chairpersons  of  this   meeting.

It was  a  huge  success  with  delegates  from 17  countries.  Many  pigment cell  and melanoma experts  from  Australia  and  worldover  delivered guest lectures.   It  was  the  very  first  time  that  the  ASPCR held a conference  in Australia. There  were  many  free  papers  and  posters  as  well.

 We  received  excellent  feedback  from  the participants. The IFPCS Council meeting  was    also  held  during  this  meeting  in Sydney.


The 23rd International Pigment Cell Conference, IPCC-2017, will be held in Denver, CO, USA, on August 26-30, 2017

organized by Prof. David Norris (PASPCR) and his team of collaborators.

Breakthroughs in Pigment Cell Research:
Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Biology, Immune Modulation, Biologic and Targeted Therapies 

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The meeting will cover a variety of new strategies, innovations and clinical applications.

An outstanding panel of speakers and leaders in the field will be attending.

We hope you will share your work in a dynamic world congress and we look forward to meeting you in the Eternal City.

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16th World Congress on Cancers of the Skins

12th Congress of the European Association of Dermato-Oncology

The “World Congress on Cancers of the Skin” and the “Congress of the European Association of Dermato-Oncology” (EADO) have become major interdisciplinary meetings for clinicians and basic scientists working in the challenging fields of Melanoma and Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer.

Both meetings will be held together as a Joint Meeting covering the entire spectrum of cutaneous malignancies.

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The next ASPCR annual meeting will take place in the vibrant city of Kaohsiung in collaboration with the Taiwanese Dermatological Association. Mark your calendar for what will be an exciting academic and social program. Registration details coming soon.
Venue : Kaohsiung, Taiwan Kaohsiung Exhibition Center Qianzhen District, Kaohsiung City Taiwan 806.

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7th Annual Meeting of the ASPCR, 2015

Shanghai, China

Thank you for participating in the recent ASPCR meeting in Shanghai, which drew more than 200 participants! The beautiful, cosmopolitan city of Shanghai did not disappoint attendees who enjoyed a strong academic and social program, and cultural and culinary delights.

We had strong support from various dermatological institutions across China and from our members across Asia. A fantastic international line up of speakers provided scientific highlights. CXCL10 pathways in vitiligo and translation into novel targeted treatments,
picosecond lasers for the management of hyperpigmentary disorders, fibrobasts involvement in the formation of melanophages, the role of oxidative stress in priming NBUVB response in stabilised vitiligo, current concepts in hair graying, & the role of traditional chinese medicine in the management of vitiligo and melasma were some of the topics discussed and debated.



8th Annual Meeting of the ASPCR, 2016

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

The  ASPCR 2016 Conference was  held  in collaboration with  the Taiwanese Dermatological Association (TDA)   from 12 to 13  of November 2016. Prof Eric Lan and his team from TDA organised this wonderful event, with focus on Pigmentary Disorders and Photobiology/ Photomedicine.  Participants enjoyed the very warm and sincere hospitality from our Taiwanese colleagues.

The congress was  a  great  success,  with  delegates coming from  over 17  countries. Many  pigment cell  and melanoma experts  from  Asia and  around the world  delivered the guest lectures.  Invited speakers included Jean Bolognia, Alain Taieb, Henry Lim, David Fisher, Jin Ho Chung, Yoshiki Tokura & Akimichi Morita. Topics of interest included pigmentary disorders, latest update on the pathophysiology of vitiligo, lessons from xeroderma pigmentosus pertaining to cancer prevention and aging, the role of antioxidants in photoprotection, and the induction of regulatory T cells in phototherapy.   

It was a truly enjoyable and rewarding experience. 

Congratulations Prof Eric Lan, and many thanks to TDA for this collaboration!







Other Activities

Ashy Dermatosis/Erythema Dyschromicum perstans/Lichen Planus Pigmentosus  Global Consensus Forum

Conveners: Associate Prof Prasad Kumarasinghe  and  Prof  Davinder Parsad

The recent meeting  held  during  the  American Academy of Dermatologists, in Washington DC on 6th March 2016 was sponsored by Asian Society for Pigment Cell Research.

Ashy dermatosis(AD), lichen planus pigmentosus(LPP)  and erythema dyschromicum perstans(EDP)  present as acquired small and large  macules of hyperpigmentation. They are considered to be  the  same  condition by some and  they are considered as  different entities  by  others. Furthermore a  similar  but smaller  macules of  acquired  hyperpigmentation termed idiopathic eruptive macular pigmentation and a further  addition, idiopathic  eruptive macular pigmentation with papillomatosis  appear  to  confuse  the  readers on acquired  large and small macule hyperpigmentation of uncertain aetiology.

Many patients  all over the world suffer  from this condition/these conditions as there is  no effective widely accepted treatment.

This  Forum  was  initially  established  after  the  Panel Discussion  on  the  same  subject  which  was  held  during  the  International Pigment Cell conference(IPCC)  held  in  Singapore  in 2014. The  second  meeting was  held  during  the World Congress of  Dermatology held  in  2015  in Vancouver  Canada.

Experts  from  many  countries  world over  participated  in  the  deliberations in Washington DC. An interesting  discussion ensued at  this  meeting . We are  getting  closer  to  a  consensus  on  several  crucial  areas.  The  minutes  will  be  circulated  soon  among  the  members. This  forum  has  also  led  to  planning g  of a  global  prospective  multicentre study  on  the  condition. This  study  is  spearheaded  by Prof Amit Pandya.  

A  document  will  be  compiled by  the  conveners  and  sent  to  the   members  of  the  global  consensus  forum with a  view  to  publication.