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Ashy dermatosis – Lichen planus Pigmentosus Forum (ADD-LPP)
Ashy dermatosis – Lichen planus Pigmentosus Forum (ADD-LPP)

Ashy Dermatosis/Erythema Dyschromicum perstans/Lichen Planus Pigmentosus  Global Consensus Forum

Conveners: Associate Prof Prasad Kumarasinghe  and  Prof  Davinder Parsad

The recent meeting  held  during  the  American Academy of Dermatologists, in Washington DC on 6th March 2016 was sponsored by Asian Society for Pigment Cell Research.

Ashy dermatosis(AD), lichen planus pigmentosus(LPP)  and erythema dyschromicum perstans(EDP)  present as acquired small and large  macules of hyperpigmentation. They are considered to be  the  same  condition by some and  they are considered as  different entities  by  others. Furthermore a  similar  but smaller  macules of  acquired  hyperpigmentation termed idiopathic eruptive macular pigmentation and a further  addition, idiopathic  eruptive macular pigmentation with papillomatosis  appear  to  confuse  the  readers on acquired  large and small macule hyperpigmentation of uncertain aetiology.

Many patients  all over the world suffer  from this condition/these conditions as there is  no effective widely accepted treatment.

This  Forum  was  initially  established  after  the  Panel Discussion  on  the  same  subject  which  was  held  during  the  International Pigment Cell conference(IPCC)  held  in  Singapore  in 2014. The  second  meeting was  held  during  the World Congress of  Dermatology held  in  2015  in Vancouver  Canada.

Experts  from  many  countries  world over  participated  in  the  deliberations in Washington DC. An interesting  discussion ensued at  this  meeting . We are  getting  closer  to  a  consensus  on  several  crucial  areas.  The  minutes  will  be  circulated  soon  among  the  members. This  forum  has  also  led  to  planning g  of a  global  prospective  multicentre study  on  the  condition. This  study  is  spearheaded  by Prof Amit Pandya.  

A  document  will  be  compiled by  the  conveners  and  sent  to  the   members  of  the  global  consensus  forum with a  view  to  publication.