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7th Annual Meeting of the ASPCR
7th Annual Meeting of the ASPCR

7th Annual Meeting of the ASPCR, 2015

Shanghai, China

Thank you for participating in the recent ASPCR meeting in Shanghai, which drew more than 200 participants! The beautiful, cosmopolitan city of Shanghai did not disappoint attendees who enjoyed a strong academic and social program, and cultural and culinary delights.

We had strong support from various dermatological institutions across China and from our members across Asia. A fantastic international line up of speakers provided scientific highlights. CXCL10 pathways in vitiligo and translation into novel targeted treatments,
picosecond lasers for the management of hyperpigmentary disorders, fibrobasts involvement in the formation of melanophages, the role of oxidative stress in priming NBUVB response in stabilised vitiligo, current concepts in hair graying, & the role of traditional chinese medicine in the management of vitiligo and melasma were some of the topics discussed and debated.