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8th Annual Meeting of the ASPCR

8th Annual Meeting of the ASPCR, 2016

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

The  ASPCR 2016 Conference was  held  in collaboration with  the Taiwanese Dermatological Association (TDA)   from 12 to 13  of November 2016. Prof Eric Lan and his team from TDA organised this wonderful event, with focus on Pigmentary Disorders and Photobiology/ Photomedicine.  Participants enjoyed the very warm and sincere hospitality from our Taiwanese colleagues.

The congress was  a  great  success,  with  delegates coming from  over 17  countries. Many  pigment cell  and melanoma experts  from  Asia and  around the world  delivered the guest lectures.  Invited speakers included Jean Bolognia, Alain Taieb, Henry Lim, David Fisher, Jin Ho Chung, Yoshiki Tokura & Akimichi Morita. Topics of interest included pigmentary disorders, latest update on the pathophysiology of vitiligo, lessons from xeroderma pigmentosus pertaining to cancer prevention and aging, the role of antioxidants in photoprotection, and the induction of regulatory T cells in phototherapy.   

It was a truly enjoyable and rewarding experience. 

Congratulations Prof Eric Lan, and many thanks to TDA for this collaboration!